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Antelope Hunting

Pronghorn Antelope and New Mexico go hand in hand. We have taken a number of Bucks that would make every antelope hunter jealous. We'd love to help you plan your next hunt. 

Here are just some of the wonderful Bucks we've taken over the years.

Cody Hazen - 118474B2-151E-4580-8938-9DC
Cody Hazen - 624865D8-3ADD-4EC4-AEDB-BD6
Cody Hazen - B4E634D1-6318-487D-985C-E6F
Cody Hazen - A5C36EF0-2655-4659-BD14-D06
Cody Hazen - A2CAA45E-1BB8-4530-A2B2-395
Cody Hazen - C69D1DDF-9DE8-4101-9A4B-7B5
Cody Hazen - 3990FD87-0228-45ED-A2A0-7DE
Cody Hazen - 448B05EF-45A6-4301-959C-F12
Cody Hazen - 03054669-F9DE-4E52-879F-1A7
Cody Hazen - 2406A03B-8313-439E-9C4D-914
Cody Hazen - EB081763-18FF-4D0D-8565-58E
Cody Hazen - 95268D9A-61F9-4260-B129-775
Cody Hazen - 4222EED5-20CE-4C4D-9237-A25
Cody Hazen - 94DA0AAC-9F4B-4218-8253-AE0
Cody Hazen - 2010-09-11 09.31.54
Cody Hazen - 2010-09-11 19.04.53
Cody Hazen - 2010-09-13 18.12.41
Cody Hazen - August 2011 041 (Medium)
Cody Hazen - IMG636
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