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Antelope Hunting

Pronghorn Antelope and New Mexico go hand in hand. We have taken a number of Bucks that would make every antelope hunter jealous. With 100% shot opportunity and hunts starting at $4,500, we'd love to help you plan your next hunt. 

Here are just some of the wonderful Bucks we've taken over the years.

Cody Hazen - 118474B2-151E-4580-8938-9DC
Cody Hazen - 624865D8-3ADD-4EC4-AEDB-BD6
Cody Hazen - B4E634D1-6318-487D-985C-E6F
Cody Hazen - A5C36EF0-2655-4659-BD14-D06
Cody Hazen - A2CAA45E-1BB8-4530-A2B2-395
Cody Hazen - C69D1DDF-9DE8-4101-9A4B-7B5
Cody Hazen - 3990FD87-0228-45ED-A2A0-7DE
Cody Hazen - 448B05EF-45A6-4301-959C-F12
Cody Hazen - 03054669-F9DE-4E52-879F-1A7
Cody Hazen - 2406A03B-8313-439E-9C4D-914
Cody Hazen - EB081763-18FF-4D0D-8565-58E
Cody Hazen - 95268D9A-61F9-4260-B129-775
Cody Hazen - 4222EED5-20CE-4C4D-9237-A25
Cody Hazen - 94DA0AAC-9F4B-4218-8253-AE0
Cody Hazen - 2010-09-11 09.31.54
Cody Hazen - 2010-09-11 19.04.53
Cody Hazen - 2010-09-13 18.12.41
Cody Hazen - August 2011 041 (Medium)
Cody Hazen - IMG636
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