New Mexico Game and Fish offers several different opportunities to hunt our big game in very special ways with greatly extended seasons.  These hunts are purchased through auction or through private transactions with the holders of the tags.  These tags are known locally as "Gov' Tags" and allow the hunter to hunt the entire state with extended seasons.  Seasons for elk and mule deer are five months long.  Seasons for ibex and oryx are one year long and the antelope season is four months in length.  You are allowed to hunt the entire state on public land or any private land that gives permission.  You can also choose your weapons of choice no matter what unit you want to hunt in.  Because of the unique opportunity that these hunts provide prices are higher than normal so please only serious inquires on these hunts.  Freedom Outfitters has outfitted many of these hunts for over five years and have produced some tremendous animals.  The enhancement tag includes a gov' tag for five big game species in the state: Elk, Mule Deer, Ibex, Oryx and Antelope.